Planning has been a cornerstone of MANERP’s pressure not to allow over-development. The hysteria of expanding residential and commercial properties and land in recent years to rent out have created a very negative impact in the area.

MANERP receive all planning applications submitted to Peterborough City Council for the area it covers and we have made our views known with some objections, with others we have made recommendations and have no objections to others.

We have objected to the expansion of the commercial area particularly along the Lincoln Road from Taverners Road to the Triangle and from the Triangle to Scotney Street. Lincoln Road is at saturation point with traffic and an acute lack of parking space in the commercial area in particular.

The regeneration of the MANERP area has been a long time coming and with 7.5 million pounds earmarked for it, there is much to do before that money is spent if the area is to benefit from it, MANERP will do its’ best to make our local politicians think carefully before spending it.