Diversity and Cohesion

The diversity in the MANERP area is huge, with people from over one hundred and eighty countries living here. There are at the last count over one hundred and ten different languages spoken.

As well as the indigenous residents, over the past ten to fifteen years there has been a very cosmopolitan feel in the MANERP area too, with people from South and Far East Asia as well as those from European countries which include Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic and many others.

There are also many different faith groups from Christian to Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikhs, Judaism etc., and of course those with no faith.

Whilst there have been minor tensions between different sections of the community, the excellent work that the Cohesion Team at Peterborough City Council has done is a credit to the city and an example that other towns and cities should follow.

The threats from extremists that have targetted the area on several occasions over the past few years have come to nothing whilst in the rest of the country riots have broken out.

The glue that holds the community together is revealed in the strap line that the Cohesion Team have which is “One Peterborough, One Community!”.