Alcohol Licensing

The MANERP area has been a magnet for the sale of alcohol with over eighty “off-sales” outlets springing up since the licensing laws were changed. Prior to the change, there were twelve public houses and four Off Licenses.

Today there is one public house (The Crown) and about seventy-five off Licenses. MANERP, along with the Peterborough City Council and the police have managed to make the whole area a Cumulative Impact Zone, which means that anyone applying for an alcohol license must prove the ‘need’ for this to be granted.

This has meant that the number of licences is beginning to reduce as any license holder found contravening the local and licensing laws can have their license revoked.

The Cumulative Impact Zone also prohibits the consumption of alcohol anywhere in a public area within the zone. This is in order to combat any anti-social behaviour fueled by alcohol.

This is also on an ongoing matter but has resulted in several prosecutions.